Union Parish Courthouse (2)

Shiloh to Canaan is a look at the history of Union Parish, Louisiana and the families who made it the special place it is.  It happens to be the place I call home.

I have always joked about being related to everyone in the parish.  Years later I would discover that it wasn’t a joke.  While they are not all relatives you can find a connection to almost everyone you meet.  And that is what this blog is about.

The intention is to post the histories of some of the early families who were the pioneers of Union Parish, including the ones who have not been written about.  I would like to post stories and imagines of my home that have never been seen or told to the public before and I invite anyone who loves the parish the way I do to contribute.  Whether it be a correction, a family tree or a favorite memory, please send it in or post it.  I will also be posting pictures and old articles from local historians.

I hope you will enjoy this trip back in time as much as I will.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Jim: We just might be cousins.

    In 1848 a wagon train left Perry County, Ala. Heading it was Rev Elias George, driving a herd of cattle and over 100 slaves, took him 3 months to make the 300 miles, lost a lot of cattle on the way.
    In his train were mostly the families of the Farrar and Bass families that lived in the southeast corner of Perry County and apparently attended his church (Ocmulgee Baptist Church)..

    The Bass’s were the children of John Bass and Julie Ann Holloman (Richard and Uriah) plus the families of five daughters, one of which was Molsey Ann Bass wife of Rev George. There were three daughters of Andrew Bass and Anna Holloman. The fourth, Talitha, made the move after her 2nd husband died in 1850. The fifth dtr had died before the move.

    The Farrars who made the move, three of them had married Bass girls, were cousins.
    One of the Farrar boys died before the move, his wife remarried to a Wm Black and stayed behind till he died in 1850. Winston William (Wince) Farrars first wife, Keziah died, and her sister Jerusha, my 2nd great grandmother,adopted her orphaned children. Winston remarried, never reclaimed children from his first wife.

    My 2nd great grandfather packed up and moved to Ashley County, AR when his crop of potatoe’s washed out of the ground. I still have a lot of kin in Ashley County, AR though few if any are Farrars.
    Some of my 2nd cousins moved to Bastrop, La as did some Union Parish Farrars.

    I attended Bastrop H.S. in 1956, my grandparents lived there till they passed, and none of my direct line lives in Arkansas of Louisiana, most having moved to Cancer Alley in WWII (Pt Neches, Pt Arthur, Beaumont, Houston area)

    We might be related via the Sanders. My 2nd great grandmother was Sarah Ann Sanders, granddaughter of Dr Sion B Sanders who died in Rodney MS in 1836 while migrating to Texas.
    he married Mary Polly Tubb, dtr of double first cousins. John and Karenhappuck Tubb.
    John was son of William Tubb and Elizabeth Tabor, karenhappuck was daughter of George Tubb and Mary Tabor.

    George and William were brothers, Elizabeth and Mary were sisters. Their children married each other and Polly was their daughter.


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