A Good Place to Start

The best place I can think of to start with is an article written by Edna Matthews Liggin.  Edna was a local historian.  She loved to write articles for the local newspaper about the history of Union Parish and the people around the Shiloh Community.

She was a descendant of some of the oldest families in the parish.  Her roots went back to the Edmunds, sometimes spelled Edmonds, Butlers, and Tabors.  On Sundays afternoons she would visit Pinecrest Nursing Home in Bernice and then make the rounds to her aunts and cousins.  All the while asking questions and taking notes.

Edna also loved to collect old bottles.  She hung them on the side of her barn and wrote a column for the Farmerville Gazette called Bottle Notes.  She was soon known as the “Bottle Lady”.  That is if you never visited the bookmobile while attending a Union Parish School.  In that case you only knew her as Ms. Edna.  Either way everyone loved Edna.


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