A Little Closer To Home

If you ask most genealogist where they would like to visit and research a family line they would probably say another country like England, Ireland, Italy or France.  I would like to visit all those places too, but I would rather start a little closer to home.  My first stop would be Lowndes County, Alabama.  It seems like every ancestor I have passed through Lowndes County at some point.  There is where the trail on all my brick walls seems to end. So that would definitely be the first stop.

From Alabama I would head straight to Georgia.  Those same relatives passed through Georgia on their way to Alabama.  Some of them got married there and had a couple of babies before hitting the road again.  Most of them started out in North Carolina.  So I would have to stop there for a few days or weeks.

You might be thinking, “Man, she has a dull family history!”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  My 11th great-grandfather was Stephen Hopkins, who was a passenger on the Sea Venture.  He would later return to England and come back on the Mayflower.  His son, Giles Hopkins, was also a passenger on the Mayflower and my 10th great-grandfather.

The Shipwreck That Saved Jamestown: The Sea Venture Castaways and the Fate of America

Later on at least 12 of my ancestors fought in the American Revolution, a couple in the War of 1812, and 6 in the Civil War.  I even had a 4th great-grandmother who was heroic in the Revolution.  Later on I will tell you of a few not so esteemed ancestors.

The trail from Alabama led to Louisiana.  A few went on the Texas, but most stopped in the hills of Union Parish.  Those I know about.  Some didn’t bring their story with them.  They left some important information back east and I am dying to find it.

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