Causes of Death

I found this list in the records of an elderly genealogist who recently passed away.  All the papers are old, yellowing and very fragile.  I have never heard of some of the things listed and not sure about some of the spelling.


The following was taken from the 1850 Arkansas Mortality Schedule. Individual’s name was given, as well as county, date of death, cause of death, etc.  In many cases the cause of death was reasonable, such as drowned, suicide, stabbed, heart or pneumonia. However, often the symptoms were listed as the cause.

Debility Bilious Colic
Worms Inflammation
Flux Cramps
Palsy Scrofula
Dyspepsia Erysipelas
Rheumatism Mortification
Hives Hydrop
Cold Lunatic
Bowels Intemperance
Croup Confinement
Hernia Gravel
Spasms Brain Fever
Salivation Catarrh
Chronic Disease Neuralgia
Dropsy Entritis
Lingering By Oxen
Bilious Piles
Sudden Jaundice
Old Age D. Tremens
Teething Ruptured
Fits Bladder
Sore Throat Brain Congenital Brain
Eating Dirt Inflamed Brain
Nervous Fever Sting of Fish
Quincy Black Tongue
Childbed Fate of Sin
Diarrhea Diabolis
Dysentery Bone In Arm
White Swelling  

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