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My last post was an article written by Gene Barron for the Farmerville Gazette.  Gene mentioned that Paul Roberts had shot Jim Wiley Green during a poker game.  Roberts had been found not guilty of murder as he had shot Green in self-defense.

For no other reason than me being me, I just had to check out all the people in that article.  Like Gene, I am related or connected to almost everyone who ever passed through Union Parish.  I was expecting to find Jim Wiley in my tree, after all my great-grandmother was Florence Celeste Green Albritton.  As it turns out we are more closely related by marriage than through my Green family.

I found Francis Marion Green (1850-1913) and Martha Paralee Hopper (1847-1918) had a son named James Wiley Green.  He was born on 13 Jul 1875 and died 12 Feb 1911.  He is buried at Weldon Baptist Church Cemetery in Union Parish.  As I mentioned before the Weldon Baptist Church is in Claiborne Parish.  There is a memorial for him on Find A Grave, #33312972.  On here his wife is listed as Althea Henderson Green.

James Wiley Green Grave Marker

James Wiley Green Grave Marker

He is first seen on the 1880 Federal Census in 1st Ward, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.  He is listed as ?? Greene, born abt 1875 as the son of FM Greene and MP Greene.  The initials and birth dates of the other children match those of his siblings.

1880 United States Federal Census James Wiley Green

1880 United States Federal Census James Wiley Green

Unfortunately there is no 1890 census for anyone so we had to search for the 1900.  Gene was able to find one for Jim W. Green, born Jul 1875 in Texas.  He was living in Ward 4 of Union Parish.  His wife is listed as Etha Green, born Feb 1881 in Alabama.  They were married in 1898.  They also had a daughter, May, who was born in Apr 1899.  This family was listed on the same page as George W. Green, a son of Francis Marion Green.

1900 United States Federal Census Jim W Green

1900 United States Federal Census Jim W Green

I was then able to  find the 1910 census for James W Green, about 1872, in Summerfield, Claiborne Parish.  He was married to Georgina A Green, born about 1887 in Texas.  They had been married seven years. All of her children were living.  Their names were Velma F (1905), Frank (1909), and Carlis (1910).  This family is listed on the same page as Francis Marion Green.

1910 United States Federal Census for James W Green

1910 United States Federal Census for James W Green

Most people on Ancestry.com have his wife as Althea Henderson.  Some have her as Georgina Althea Henderson.  Only two or three have her as Georgia Ann Rucker.  One of those is her granddaughter by her second husband Charles Handy Burroughs.  However, she did not attach any documentation.

There is also a lady who has added a fact to James Wiley titled “Military” with the description “Killed in Bank in Bernice with Knife”.  She also did not attach any documentation.

At this point I don’t know if there are two James W. Greens or if he was married twice.  Is Etha a numerator’s way of spelling Althea?  And who was Georgina A?  Was she Georgia Ann or Georgina Althea?  Did Etha die or did she divorce him?  What happened to May?  There are still many questions about Jim Wiley Green.  Enough to keep us busy for a long time to come.

****13 Feb 2013

Gene took one look at the 1910 Census and saw that Jim Wiley had been married twice.  Georgina A was his second wife.

It just goes to show, sharing is a good thing.  A fresh pair of eyes may see something your missed.


2 thoughts on “Jim Wiley Green

  1. I can fill in the blanks for James Wiley Green. I am Nancy L. (Greene) Scogin of Corpus Christi, Texas. James Wiley Green was my grandfather. He married Atha (aka Athia, Althea, Etha) Henderson on July 14, 1898, in Grayson County, Texas. She was born in Alabama on February 5, 1882. She died as Atha on February 15, 1912, and is buried in Alabama. James and Atha had two children. Their daughter May Green was born in April 1899. Their son Marion Louis Green was born in Texas on July 18, 1901. I have not found May Green’s burial location yet, but I suspect she is buried in Texas. Marion Louis Green died on April 6, 1964, in Alabama. He shares a tombstone with his wife Trumie Ester (Bullen) Green. They had a son James Marion Green born on December 3, 1924. He died September 22, 1987, and is also buried in Alabama. James Wiley Green married Georgia Ann Rucker (my grandmother). Georgia Ann Rucker was born on December 16, 1882. She died in Washington state as Georgia Ann Burroughs, wife of Charlie H. Burroughs. James and Georgia had three children. Velma Irene, George Francis and James Carlos Greene (my father). During a visit, my grandmother told my parents that when my grandfather died his coffin was placed on top of teacups upon a table and she could see blood seeping from the box. The difference in the spelling of Greene was my father’s idea. There are numerous tales floating around the family as to why he changed it, but the one that makes the most sense is that he and his brother ran away from an abusive stepfather, at a very young age, and he thought they could avoid detection. He also said he once felt riches would follow him with that extra little “e” at the end of his name. We all liked his tall tale of being a notorious bank robber, but our mother didn’t think that one was very funny. I have a massive amount of tangible documentation to back these facts, but they can all be quickly verified by searching findagrave.com, ancestry.com and family search.org. If you need more information, email me at scogin@aol.com.


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