You Never Know Where You Will Find Them

I have lived in Alexandria for over thirty years.  I didn’t want to move away from Farmerville and Union Parish but my family moved here and I didn’t want to stay by myself.  So, here I am.  I like Alexandria.  It is a good place to live.  It’s just not home.

Three years ago I discovered I was eligible for the Daughters of the American Revolution.  I had visions of Suzanne Sugerbaker dancing in my head and never thought about trying to join.  That is until my cousin Dinah Jean talked me into it.  I was initiated at my first meeting, nominated for treasurer at the second and sworn in at the third.  I didn’t know any of these ladies.  As far as I know, none of them knew me.  But I was in and I was the treasurer.

This past summer Lou Ann took over as yearbook chairman.  The truth is she is the chairman of herself.  She is the only one on the committee. Until now everyone only had one patriot listed in the yearbook.  That is everyone but Lou Ann.  She has always had all ten of her patriots listed.   Lou Ann decided to add all the patriots of the other ladies.

I was flipping through the book counting all the ancestors when the name Captain Leroy Upshaw jumped out at me.  It wasn’t just the name Upshaw.  Captain Leroy is my 4th or 5th grandfather, depending on the lineage that you believe.  One of the ladies in Loyalty Chapter is also a great-granddaughter.  I got really excited.  Then I realized she is one of the elderly ladies who lives in Shreveport.

The disappointment didn’t last long.  I sat down to write her a letter.  A real letter.  On paper with my handwriting on it.  I haven’t heard from her yet, but I do hope she will write back.  I love to find people I am related to.

This is where the story gets really odd.  I am also on the board of Crime Stoppers and I am their treasurer.  I might not have any money but I am a good treasurer.  We had our monthly meeting on Tuesday at the Police Jury office.  I stopped in to speak to the secretary to finalize the details of a ceremony I am organizing for the American Legion.  I am not their treasurer but I am the bookkeeper.

She asked for my full name and address.  She only knew me as Debbie.  When I told her my name was Upshaw she wondered if I was related to the man her husband was named for.  His middle name was Upshaw.  She asked if I had ever heard of Dr. Parrott.  Yes, I have.  He is Dr. Robert Upshaw Parrott, the father of my DAR cousin.

As it turns out Dr. Parrot was her mother-in-law’s doctor.  When she gave birth to her tenth child he told her she would never be able to have anymore children.  You would think she would have been happy to hear that little bit of news but apparently she wasn’t.  Dr. Parrot told her if she had another baby he would pay her medical bills.  And that is exactly what he did when number eleven showed up.  The baby’s middle name is Upshaw after Dr. Parrott.

So, there you have it.  You never know when or where you will find a relative or a connection.


2 thoughts on “You Never Know Where You Will Find Them

  1. Captain Leroy Upshaw is my 5X great-grandfather. My grandmother, Charlotte Beverly Upshaw Wolfe, was the daughter of William David, who was the son of Isaac David, who was the son of Haston, who was the son of Forrestor, who was the son of Leroy. (Does this make us cousins?) I only learned this information last night. I’ve always wanted to join the DAR, but never found a connection to a patriot until this morning. How do I go about joining? My mother and daughter are also interested in membership. Do you have any military records of Leroy Upshaw? I have zero experience with genealogy and not sure where to start.


    • The best way to go is to connect your local DAR chapter. They will have someone who can help you. Captain Leroy Upshaw has been proven and there is a good chance you may only have to prove your line up to your grandmother. Good Luck!


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