Update on Matilda E Webb Clamonds/Clemands

In an earlier post I stated Matilda E Webb Clamonds and Matilda E Webb Clemands were not the same person.  I had based that on several facts that did not support the idea that they were.

Matilda E Webb Clamonds buried at Ward’s Chapel Cemetery and married to John C Clamonds died in 1864 according to her Find A Grave memorial.

Matilda Eveline Webb

Matilda was listed on the 1870 and 1880 census living in Union Parish.

The stone of John C Clamonds states he was married to Matilda Webb Roan for 43 Years which means they were married in 1811.  Records indicate John Garrison Clemands and Matilda Webb were married 11 Jan 1938 in Lowndes, Alabama.  Marriage Book 1, Page 217, Lowndes County Alabama May 30, 1830 – Feb. 13, 1848 Surnames A – K, Browning, William F. JP

John Clemonds

The markers of John and Matilda are worn and hard to read.  I have not been able to check them out in person.  If this is the daughter of Robert Clinton Webb it is likely the date is 1884 instead of 1864.  I have not found any record that she was married to a Roan or John Ellis as stated by others.

John C Clamonds died 12 May 1854 according to his Find A Grave memorial.  If that is correct they would have been married 16 years not 43.  Or he died in 1882 not 1854.  He was not mentioned on the 1860, 1870 or 1880 census which leads me to believe that he had died.

The 1870 census mentions a Emily H Clemons living with Matilda that I have not been able to identify.  Therefore I can’t say if she is a daughter or granddaughter.

Matilda is listed on the 1880 census as Matilda E Webb and living with her daughter Mary J Brantley.  Mary is also named on the 1850 census.  She is buried at Ward’s Chapel Cemetery near Matilda.



As always, this is up for discussion. Additions and corrections with backup are welcome.


One thought on “Update on Matilda E Webb Clamonds/Clemands

  1. could not workout how to post, as do not have google, twitter ect. thank you for posting. Any luck regarding church or burial records at the cemetery? -wonder if they owned land or property – perhaps court records (probate, wills, land/taxes). Wish you successful hunting. GJohns

    Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 18:57:28 +0000 To: darryldj@hotmail.com


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