The Hunt Continues

We do have some people of interest in the search for our Coplen/Copeland ancestors:

1. Elizabeth Copeland born abt 1821 in Georgia. She was married to James J Thompson.
2. James Russell Coplen born 14 Feb 1822 in Georgia. He died on 9 Nov 1904 at Shiloh, Union Parish, Louisina. He married Sarah Ann Elizabeth Eady.
3. Mary Thornton Copeland born 15 Sep 1823 in Georgia. She died on 16 Nov 1886 in Harris County, Georgia. She married Andrew Jackson Askew. She has ties to Union Parish.
4. Rebecca D Copeland born abt 1823. She married James Swint. She has ties to Union Parish and Harris County.
5. George E Copeland born abt 1828 in Georgia. He died in March of 1871 in Louisiana. He married Matilda Ann Gibson.


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