Union Parish Is Under Water

Yes, you read that right. Earlier in the week it rained. It rained and it rained and it rained and the water begin to rise. Someone said it was over 20 inches but that has not been confirmed. The only good thing about all this is the way the people responded. The took care of each other.

Mary Kay Lee was one who stood out. She got on Facebook and let everyone know what was needed with posts like these:

“Have an URGENT call for a PUMP….need one ASAP. A homeowner off Scott’s Hide a way Rd is in imminent danger of flooding….and their pump lines snapped.!!!sHeriff Dept Volunteers can boat it around to them!!”

Within minutes there was a reply asking where to take it. She also posted that an elderly man needed help with sand bags. The bags were at his house but needed to be placed. Again, in minutes there were replies: “I am on my way.” “How do I get there.” “I am bringing more bags”

There were posts from other also:

“Those who need search and rescue for items in your flooded homes ….or even your pets…There are men with Boats ready to go out and assist you now.”

“There’s a big pot of homemade chili at the parish livestock barn for the volunteers.”

“I have plenty of saw horses if you need to crib your furniture or belongings. These are being made courtesy of Assembly of God Church.”

All the while others were cooking to make sure everyone was fed.

People usually come together in a tragedy but I have never seen anything like this. From where I sit it looks the people of Union Parish are a special kind of humanity.

These pictures were taken by The Gazette, Tiger Bend Outdoors and Mary Kay Lee.



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