The D’Arbonne Cookbook

I am in the process of adding what is known by ladies in Union Parish as “The D’Arbonne Cookbook” to the Shiloh To Canaan Kitchen. The original book was published in 1966 by the Farmerville Chapter No. 207 Order of The Eastern Star. The official name is “Favorite Recipes from Historical Farmerville, Home of Lake D’Arbonne”. Every female and I am sure a number of males had to own this cookbook. Every bride could expect a least one copy as a wedding gift and I am willing to bet 95 per cent of them still have their first copy. In the early days it had a spiral binding and later printings were hard back. Ladies in Farmerville treasure those original copies and still use them even though most are coming apart.
The Eastern Star sold the cookbook as a fund-raiser. Most of the ladies have passed away and the cookbook is out of print. I would never put the recipes on there if it was still used to raise funds. I am only doing it now to preserve the history of Union Parish and that cookbook is a beloved part of our history. There are advertisements for businesses that are no longer in Farmerville and several drawings of buildings from the past along with a few stories of our history. The ladies who contributed to the book were well-known and should be remembered for their contribution to Farmerville and Union Parish.  I am also putting the recipes on here for all the ladies who did not get a book or wants to put hers away for safe keeping.

I also want to thank the ladies of Farmerville #207, Order of the Eastern Star for allowing me to post the cookbook.
To see the cookbook just click on the link in the menu or just click HERE. Just remember I am in the process of adding it and it is a good size cookbook. Please be patient with me.

Favorite Recipes from Historic Farmerville



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