John Johnson Butler

John Johnson Butler was born about 1812 in North Carolina and died in Farmerville, Union Parish, Louisiana on 19 Sep 1866. He married Sarah Rebecca Webb on 12 Jan 1837 in Lowndes County, Alabama. The marriage had them listed as JR Butler and SR Webb. I don’t know if this was a mistake or not. Within days they moved to Union Parish. In the late 40’s or early 50’s they moved to Claiborne Parish. They were in Rapides Parish in 1860 and back in Union Parish by the time he died.

John and Sarah had the following children:

Mary C Butler – about 1837

Lafayette Butler – about 1838. This child was listed as female on one census and male on another. Lafayette and Mary C may be the same person.

Owen Cassandra – 1839 – 1880. She married William Winley Wright on 19 Jan 1865 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

Catherine R Butler – Sep 1840. She married George E Miller in 1856.

Minerva Caledonia Butler – about 1841. She was listed on her father’s succession as Marion C.

Saphronia V Butler – 28 Jan 1843 – 03 Aug 1922. She married William M Cotton on 22 Dec 1870 and Zachariah Taylor Brooks between 1880 and 1881.

John Johnson Butler, Jr. – 25 Nov 1845 – 20 Dec 1917 He married Rebecca Elizabeth Faulk on 14 Jul 1870.

Alice Ann Butler – about 1845 – 1865. She is possibly a twin of John Johnson Butler, Jr. She married Samuel W. Dumas on 10 Jan 1865.

Sidney C Hartlie “Sidie” Butler – 13 Mar about 1848 – 1 May 1933. She married Patrick W. Defee in 1877. It was believed by many family members that is name was Patterson W. Defee.

Robert Clinton Butler – 13 Mar 1853 – 1 Mar 1906. He married Bettie Johnson on 29 Nov 1888.

Eldridge P Butler – 1854

William Pratt Butler – Aug 1852 or 1854 – 20 Nov 1936. He married Bertie Turner on 9 Apr 1890.

George Algernon “Gib” Butler – 9 Sep 1856 – 13 Dec 1911. He married Mary George Washington “Mollie” Tabor on 30 Sep 1882.

Josephine A Butler – 29 May 1857 – 11 Nov 1911. She married John Burl Tabor on 20 Dec 1877. He was the brother of Mary George Washington “Mollie” Tabor. Josephine’s grandchildren were all told different middle names for her. All the names started with an A.

The year of birth of the last three children is in question. They are in order but the year of birth on their grave markers does not match family records.

It is believed by some that John Johnson Butler is the son of Samuel Jethro Butler, Jr. and the brother of Richmond Butler and Mary Elizabeth “Eliza” Butler. However, no evidence has been found to prove it. Eliza did marry Josiah T Watts who is a cousin of Mary E. “Polly” Sorelle Webb who I believe to be the mother of Sarah Rebecca Webb Butler.

I recently saw where a cousin has Luke Butler (1776-1868) and Patience Coors (1786-1853) listed as the parents of John Johnson Butler. I have Luke in my tree as he is related through another line and he does have a son named John. I never was able to connect the two Johns and I have not seen any documentation. If anyone has any information on John, Luke or Patience, please post it.

My cousin, Maradee, is looking at Isaac Butler who lived in North Carolina. Isaac’s will names three sons, John, Issack and Kennard. Ann Butler was listed as a widow on the 1840 census and may have been the wife of one of the sons. She was the daughter of Richard Johnson who was a Revolutionary War hero.


2 thoughts on “John Johnson Butler

  1. I was on Ancestry today and found that multiple people have added Luke Butler and Patience Coors as the parents of John Johnson Butler. Others have added to their son, John, the death date and place of John Johnson Butler. The more I look at it the more I am convinced Luke is NOT the father of JJ. The dates and places do not add up. Some trees have Luke’s son married to Mary E. Keethly. I can’t verify that either.


  2. Maradee also remembered her grandmother saying JJ and Rebecca had 3 sets of twins. We have always believed that John Johnson Butler, Jr. and Alice Ann were twins. If there are 2 other sets of twins it could clear up some confusion on at least two other children.

    If William Pratt’s grave marker is correct he is the twin of Eldridge P. The other set of twins is most likely in the first 4 daughters.

    We have determined that Josephine’s date of birth is not correct on her grave marker. We know she was the youngest and her age on the marriage certificate has her date of birth between 1860 and 1861. Census reports also back this up.

    We also agree that Lafayette and Mary C may be the same person.


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