Samuel W Dumas and Silas Woodrow Dumas

Samuel W Dumas married Alice Ann Butler on 10 Jan 1865 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana (Book B Page 417). She is said to have died that same year. Alice is believed to be the twin of John Johnson Butler, Jr. If so she was born on 25 Nov 1845. Census reports have her birth about 1845.

Silas Woodrow Dumas was born about 1831 in Mississippi to Obediah and Martha Dumas. He would later come to Union Parish. He was married to Nancy Moore (1847-1920). I have not been able to find any backup on their dates or marriage. There children were:

1. Sarah Rebecca “Sallie” – Jul 1867 (census) – 1953 (no backup). She was married to Philip Weaver Bearden, Jr.
2. George Washington Dumas
3. James Dumas
4. Wilson Redwine Dumas

I would like to find any information on these two men and their wives. There are clues that suggest they may be the same person. Silas could have been married to Alice Ann Butler before Nancy Moore and Sarah Rebecca may be their child. Alice’s mother was named Sarah Rebecca. I would also like information on Nancy Moore.


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