Martha Emeline Copeland

Martha Emiline Copeland Hilton 2

February 1840 – 1905

A few days ago I found a new DNA match who has Martha Emeline Copeland as her 2nd great grandmother. Martha was born in Georgia. She was married to  James Coleman Hilton. I was not able to find the date or place of their marriage. Like most of the Copeland/Coplen ancestors there is not much information to work with. It is thought she died in 1905 in Cleburne County, Alabama.

This new DNA match is related to me on our dad’s sides. That was very clear and easy to find.  However, her mother’s father and Martha’s grandson was named James Russell Hilton. My 3rd great grandfather, my deadend, was James Russell Coplen. He was born in Georgia. He lived in Alabama and married there before moving to Union Parish.

James Russell Hilton was born in Cleburne County, Alabama. It appears his father moved the family to Lincoln Parish, Louisiana. James Russell married Bessie Inez Davis from Shiloh in Union Parish. Her father, or maybe her grandfather, was a furniture maker in Shiloh before moving to Ruston. Bessie’s parents were Orville Young Davis and Martha Victoria Smith. Her grandparents were Orville Davis and Sarah Ann (last name unknown).

I know this is a long shot but there just might be a connection. Martha Emeline Copeland Hilton could turn out to be my James Russell Coplen’s younger sister.

If anyone has any information on Martha please post it.


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