Spearsville High School 1935

Spearsville High School Class 1935

My mother, Norma Evelyn Poston, was born in Camp Creek, graduated from Spearsville School in 1935. My uncle, Leonard Poston, sold produce under the oak trees at Mt. Union Baptist Church & passed out little Bibles for many, many years.

My mother is on the top row, 2nd from left. She married my father, William Pinkney McKinnie. 3rd from left on the top row is Ethel Cook, wife of Guy Upshaw. They lived in Marion. She was Mom’s best friend all their life.




Originally from Union Parish and a resident of Farmerville, Jon R. McKinnie enjoys writing and spending time with his wife, Phyllis Richardson Hall, two children and four grandchildren.


3 thoughts on “Spearsville High School 1935

  1. This is for Jon McKinnie.

    What do you know of your McKinnie family tree. One of my 4th great grandmothers was Sarah McKinnie, 1732 Edgecombe Co, NC 1760 Wayne Co NC Married Richard Bass, she was daughter of David McKinnie born 1710 Craven Co, NC


  2. Thank you for sharing this! My aunt Margie (Nutt) Harris is the 2nd from right in the front row. She was my Daddy’s sister. My Daddy, (Madison) Leroy Nutt, graduated from Spearsville in 1936. He will be 96 on August 27. I would love to see any other pictures of Spearsville classes, maybe 1936, 1937. He had other brothers and sisters also who attended. Daddy and Mother really enjoy these pictures and


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