Helen Maxine Liggin

Maxine - bandw

Written by Molly Liggin Rankin


Helen Maxine Liggin, born 12-30-1917 and died 9-29 2008. She was 5 years younger than my dad. I’m not sure if she was the oldest girl in the family or not. She went to nursing school at Confederate Memorial, probably in late 20’s, early 30’s. She became a nurse anesthetist at some point early in her career. She worked at Huey P. Long in Alexandria (probably her whole career…I’m not 100% sure). She never married. She was a hard-working, caring person and helped all us nieces and nephews over our lives…I remember she provided “Santa Claus” for us 3 girls the year my daddy had a heart attack at age 38 and I’m sure money was tight… she was more restrained than her sister Sookie or Elise…who was the one with the great sense of humor…A lot of memories about Maxine…for one thing she’d get confused trying to think of our names (when we were all gathered together) so she’d go all the way down the list when trying to think of my name and finally landed on “Margaret” which is my real name…I laugh because I do that now when trying to name a particular granddaughter…

Maxine Liggin Nurse

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