Dr. Colvin Delivers Third Generation In One Family

From The Shreveport Times


On March 8 Dr. C. C. Colvin delivered a baby, and in so doing performed a feat which is becoming a rarity in the medical profession.

This feat started 42 years ago in 1910, when Dr. Colvin first brought to life a baby boy promptly named John Newton Bowen.

About 20 years later, Dr. Colvin delivered a daughter to John Newton Bowen, and – almost a half century later – delivered his granddaughter.

The birth of little Cathy Nell McCallum marked a milestone in the life of Dr. Colvin, for it made him the doctor who patted the first breath of life into three generations in one family.

And, this is not only true on one side of the family, for Dr. Colvin has also delivered the mother and grandfather of the baby on the other side.

Dr. Colvin, who has been practicing medicine in Bernice since 1909, explains it this way:

“Well, today I delivered a baby girl. About 20 years ago I delivered the baby girl’s mother, Mrs. Chester McCallum. And 42 years ago I delivered the baby girl’s grandfather, John Newton Bowen.

“On the other side of the family, I delivered the baby’s father, Chester, and I delivered the baby’s grandmother, Mrs. Lorene Gray McCallum.”

Dr. Colvin estimated that he had delivered approximately 4,000 babies during his medical career. He is a graduate of Tulane, class of 1907. After studying another year in Chicago, Dr. Colvin moved to Bernice, where he has been practicing ever since.

Dr. Colvin modestly describes himself as “pretty active.” “I practice because I like it,” he said. Asked if he had any intentions of retiring, Dr. Colvin said “not right away”.

“The medical profession is wonderful,” he said. Asked about the first baby he delivered. Dr. Colvin replied: “Yes, I remember the first baby. I had to go to the home on horseback over in Ward II in Lincoln Parish. Times have sure changed since then.”

Dr. and Mrs. Colvin have two children of their own, Clyde C., Jr., an employee of the Bernice Bank, and Mrs. John Meadors, of Memphis Tenn.

When asked about his age, Dr. Colvin said, “I’m getting too old to remember my age, but I do remember the date of my birth. It was 1884.”

By the way, little Cathy is “doing fine.”


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