Powell Reunion

Powell Reunion

I have no idea what date this was held. I can tell you that O. B. Fomby is Otis Britton Fomby. He died on January 12, 1963.


2 thoughts on “Powell Reunion

  1. Did these Powells migrate from Perry County, Ala as so many of the early Parishioners did, like Rev Elias George and his wagon train of Bass and Farrar families.
    Because Richard Bass son of John Bass and Julia Ann Holloman, married Mary Ann Powell in Perry County, Ala, migrated to Union Parish, but kept on going to Texxas.


    • My second great grandmother, Buena Vista Jane Powell, was born in Alabama but I don’t know which county. She married my second my 2nd great grandfather, James Knox Polk Fomby in Alabama. They ended up in Union Parish. Both are buried at Shiloh.

      My third great grandfather, William Jasper or Joseph Powell, was born in Georgia. His last daughter was born in Louisiana. He married his second wife in Lincoln Parish. He then moved to Texas and died there.

      I don’t know much about the Powell’s.


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