Josephine Butler Tabor Family

This is another family photo that we don’t know who it is. The lady in the middle where the picture is torn looks to be Josephine Butler Tabor. The man with the x on him could be John Burl Tabor. This photo was provided by Burt Green.



2 thoughts on “Josephine Butler Tabor Family

  1. I see an X on a lady dressed in dark clothing, the X being on her stomach. Are you referring to her or the person in front on the 1st row (possible man and with hair parted in the middle?)…. Sorry was confused. GJ



    • The one in the middle row with the x on her is the one we think is Josephine Butler Tabor. The man on the right with a x on him may be her husband John Burl Tabor. The picture was found in the collection of their granddaughter. John and Josephine had 13 children. The grandchildren who are still living do not remember them. It is the great grandchildren who are trying to put all of this together.


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