Velma Lowery – Local Homemaker Earns “Pin” Money


This article written by Edna Liggin was saved by my mother or grandmother.

2 thoughts on “Velma Lowery – Local Homemaker Earns “Pin” Money

  1. I am most impressed and proud of Mrs. Lowery but I am also proud of my mother VADA (on her birth certificate Sara Nevada] PILGREEN. Her death certificate lists her ‘last’ names as Pilgreen, Waller, Norman. She graduated from Linville HS & then moved to Farmerville to find employment. I think she lived with the Weaver family some. She graduated a year later than she should have because my Grandmother was unable to finance the purchase of shoes and books for her for at least 1 year. She met my father – Ben O. Waller in Farmerville while she was working as a book binder in one of Gov. Huey Long’s work programs. Her husband, my father, died in June, 1944.
    My father’s brothers – J. E. Waller [owner of a ‘pressing shop’ right off the Farmerville courthouse square] & Hillen Waller [who lived in Monroe & worked as a ‘meat cutter’ or a butcher ] advised and helped her – with a move to Haile, La. They helped her in the renting and opening of a grocery that had recently been closed by the Jack Jordan’s. She, her mother and I lived in 1/2 of a house locally known as ‘Aunt Jo Barr’s home’. There, she met her former Linville HS classmate … my future stepfather G. Lloyd Norman – who was returning from incarceration in Germany’s Stalag 17 prisons camp. {remember the movie ?} They later married and had 2 children – Gerry Lynn Norman [now Peddy] and Rusty Wayne Norman. NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.

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