Tyre Boone Trammell

Written by Gene Barron

Tyre Boone Trammell came to Union Parish in about 1845. Boone settled on land described as SWNW, E1/2 SW, NWSE, SWSW and NWNW of Section 36, T23N, R3W in all some 240 acres. Family lore says that he came to Louisiana after getting into a fight and fearing that he had killed the man fled to Louisiana to avoid punishment by the law. This story, however, seems unlikely for from all accounts Boone was a kindly man not prone to violence. Since he settled on land near his father’s land it appears as if he just followed his father to Louisiana.

Tyre Boone married Mary Ann Jacobs before 1850 in Louisiana although no record can be found. The couple had eight children:

  1. Rosetta (who married William Kilgore Pryor the son of William Stokes and Talitha Kilgore Pryor)
  2. Mollie
  3. Leaudes
  4. Andrew Jackson
  5. Louisa L. (who marred John T. Heard)
  6. Tyre
  7. Mary Jane (who married Hosea Woodford Breazeal, the son of Hosea Bright and Sarah Elizabeth Mayfield Breazeal)
  8. William Anderson (who married Martha Jane Cole, the daughter of Harvey Van Buren and Susannah Elizabeth Cobb Cole)

Tyre Boone was a relatively wealthy man possessing a goodly amount of gold coins, which he kept hidden near the spring some distance southwest of the home. At times he would retrieve the sack of coins and he and his wife would count them. Years later descendants recounted the story of peering through the window at Boone and Mary Jane seated facing each other and Boone counting the coins into his wife’s apron. After reconciling the total, Boone would return them to their hiding place.

Neighbors knew if they needed money, they could rely on their friend Boone for a loan. All he asked was that they repay him in gold coins – interest free.

William Kilgore Pryor

In 1874 Boone’s son-in-la William “Bill” Kilgore Pryor, convinced him that they should take the money to Paris, Texas and check into buying some of the rich black land that was available there. The two packed and left for Texas with the gold. Nothing was heard from the two for months. Then, Bill showed up back in Louisiana alone and related a heartbreaking story to the family. It seems that a spider had bitten Boone. No big deal, the wound didn’t seem like much at first, but as Boone became deathly sick, Bill sought medical help. Boone suffered for days under medical care, but finally died on August 17, 1874 from the bite.

As far the fortune in gold, Bill told the family that he spent it on doctor bills for care relating to the spider bite and for Boone’s burial.

Shortly after his return, Bill bought land and became quite a successful man even though he never had anything before the trip to Texas. Many family members wondered how Bill came by the land and about what really became of Boone’s money. The truth will never be known. To his credit though, there is a nice monument in the cemetery in Paris, Texas that has an inscription that reads: “Farewell“, at the top, followed by “T. B. Trammell” then below that “Born Jan 20, 1813, Died Aug 17, 1874” and below that “At Rest“.


Gene Barron 2 (2)

Gene Barron is a native of Spearsville, Union Parish, Louisiana. He has a genealogy database of 182,000 names, who are all connected to his family.

Gene has also written two historical books on Union Parish. I highly recommend both.




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