If anyone has any information about this man and/or either one of his wives, please share it. I have 6 pages of DNA matches to him.  Every time I turn around I am finding his name or one of his wives. There are only two places he can be related to me that I know of. Both are dead ends that no one has even a clue who they are or where they came from. One is my 3rd great grandparents James Russell Coplen and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Eady. The other is my 2nd great grandparents John Johnson Butler and Sarah Rebecca Webb. I believe this man is related to John Johnson Butler.  It is possible that John Johnson’s mother is also Asa Elijah’s sister. John Johnson was born in North Carolina, married in Lowndes County, Alabama and ended up in Union Parish.

Asa Elijah Wright was born on November 28, 1795, the child of Johnson and Frances. He married Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Taylor and they had 16 children together. He then married Nancy Schuler Clowers on September 22, 1867. He died on March 3, 1873, in Prairie Lea, Texas.

To make things even more confusing Nancy Schuler Clowers (1803-1870) and her first husband Jarrett/Jerard Miers/Myers (it seems there is a little confusion on how to spell his names) 1802-? are both showing up in my circles but I do not have any matches to either one.

Asa Elijah Wright’s children with Betsy are:

  • Asa  1818-1875
  • Frances (female)  1820-1912
  • Johnson Vitringer  1821-1891
  • William Taylor  1821-1888
  • George Washington  1824-1900
  • Samuel J.  1825-1868
  • Catherine Taylor  1827-1913
  • Isophena  1828-1893
  • Matilda Ann Adique  1830-1923
  • James Lafayette  1832-1911
  • Owen C.  1834-1834
  • Elizabeth S.  1836-1891
  • Ewell M.  1837-1868
  • Charles Pleasant  1839-1891
  • Emily Amanda  1843-1864
  • Olivia Frazier  1843-1849

John Johnson Butler’s children are:

  • Mary C. Lafayette  1838-1868 (some believe Lafayette is another child who is male)
  • Owen Cassandra  1839-1880  She was  married to William Winley Wright 1832-1879
  • Catherine R  1840
  • Mineria Caledonia 1841
  • Saphronia V  1843-1922
  • Alice Ann  1845-1865
  • John Johnson Jr.  1845-1917
  • Sidney C. Hartlie “Sidie”  1848-1933
  • Robert Clinton  1853-1906
  • Eldridge P  1854-1860
  • William Pratt  1854-1860
  • George Algernon  1858-1911
  • Josephine A  1860-1911

It is thought John Johnson Butler and Sarah Rebecca Webb had 3 sets of twins.

Please comment if you know anything about any of these people.


2 thoughts on “Asa Elijah Wright – INFORMATION NEEDED

  1. I have found that an Asa Wright was a witness to the marriage of William Taylor and Catherine Gray’s son (my 3rd great grandfather) Alexander Marion Taylor and Winifred Matthews. They later moved to Union Parish. William did not have a daughter named Frances that I know of but there is most likely a connection.

    On my dad’s side through his mother:

    1. My 4th Great Grandparents are William Taylor and Catherine Gray.
    2. Catherine Gray was the granddaughter of William Bullock and Unity Wright.
    3. Unity was the daughter of Ebenezer Wright and Sarah Butler, daughter or William and Hannah Hills Butler.
    4. Ebenezer Wright was the son of Samuel Wright and Mary Butler.

    Alexander Marion Taylor lived in Lowndes County, Alabama for a while and he came to Union Parish in the early 1840’s.

    I know that John Johnson Butler came to Union Parish in the group that came back with Matthew Wood in late 1830’s. I have always wondered if he had a connection to someone in that group. It may be the Taylor’s.


  2. I am trying to prove that Asa L. Wright (my gr-gr-gr-grandfather) was the son of Asa Elijah Wright. My grandfather was William L. Wright; his father was also William L. Wright.
    Ann Wright Morris


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