In Memory of Mrs. Cyrene Gilbert

I lost one of my good friends last week; she went to be with our Savior just like she was asleep. She had a stroke on Tuesday and she didn’t last long for she was suffering and so weak. That Monday night before she had her stroke on Tuesday, she and I had attended a Revival at Mt. Tabor Church to hear Bro. Larry Ramsour. On the way home she said, “That sure was a good message, I can tell you for sure.” I said, “I sure would enjoy going back tomorrow night.” But her stroke kept us from going back the next night. It hasn’t been long since she and I attended a Revival to hear Bro. Paul Carter at Conway Baptist Church. She always loved to go to church. If it was night when we got back to her house she would always says to me, “Wait until I get in & turn the lights on inside my house.” I would sit there and wait until she got in and turned the lights on. When I was in the child care business Mrs. Gilbert would come every Wednesday morning & take care of the children so I could attend my prayer group meeting. I knew she knew all about the child care business. She helped me 5 years. Mrs. Gilbert was a great friend of mine. Together we had some good old times. My heart is broken to know my friend is gone, but there’s assurance she is gone to a better home. When my life here on earth is over and God calls me home, I plan to see Mrs. Gilbert in that wonderful home. There we will join hands with other friends & loved ones around God’s Throne. Let me say as a Christian to all who reads this, Mrs. Gilbert and her quick sickness & death shows us we don’t know who will be next. Let’s be like Mrs. Gilbert was, let’s have our souls, hearts & minds prepared to meet our Savior like Mrs. Gilbert did, for one of us may be next. As I stood there at her grave site, brokenhearted as I could be and with tears in my eyes, I said to myself, “Mrs. Gilbert, I have gone as far as I can go with you, but someday I will see you in Heaven and we won’t have to leave each other.”

Written by her friend,
Myra Simpson

In Memory of Mrs. Cyrene Gilbert


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