BHS Classes 1950 – 1959

The Bernice High School Classes of 1950 through 1959 met Friday and Saturday, June 1 and 2 for a Decade Party Reunion during the Corney Creek Festival.

On Friday night, Frances Platt Burford, Mary Draper Henry Terrell and Suzonne Lindsey Smith hosted a reception in the community room of Community Trust Bank in Bernice. Former classmates met and renewed friendships to begin a weekend of fun and fellowship. A portion of the music for the Corney Creek street dance was 50’s Rock & Roll provided by Bill Brown of KPCH-FM radio.

Joe Leonard Green, Tommy Doyle Grafton, Frances Platt Burford and Harry Cook participated in the Story Telling Pavilion from the Louisiana Open House 1990 program on Saturday afternoon. They related stories about how it was growing up in Bernice during the fifties decade.

A soft drink party was held Saturday afternoon in the Bernice High School gymnasium. Joe Leonard Green addressed the 50’s graduates. His humorous remarks kindled fond memories of the fifties decade. Each graduate greeted the group and visited with former faculty and staff members of Bernice High. Faculty and staff members attending were Mrs. Annie Tanner, Mrs. Lucille Porter, Mrs. Gwendolyn Milner, Mrs. Ruth Glover, Johnny Emmons, Truitt Hinkie, Mrs. Mildred Butler, Mrs. Elizabeth Colvin, Mr. and Mrs. James Ferrell, Mrs. Louise McDonald, and Mrs. Loette McIntosh. Several friends and relatives of the graduates also visited during this time.

Fellowship continued for the classes of 1950 and 1951 at a buffet supper at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Cannon. The classes of 1952 through 1959 enjoyed a barbeque at Bernice United Methodist Church.

Later in the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cook invited the classes of 1957, 1958 and 1959 along with other guests to their home for dessert and coffee. Concluding the evening this group viewed Harry’s movies taken during his high school years which have been put on video with rock and roll music accompaniment. Memories were shared and enjoyed by all. Reminiscing and “waxing nostalgia” was the order of the entire weekend.

Many concluded their weekend by attending the 90th Year Celebration of the First Baptist Church in Bernice on Sunday morning.

Approximately 250 attended the activities of the Decade Party Reunion. Some came from California, New York and Pennsylvania as well as surrounding states.

A donation was given to the Bernice Depot Museum committee from the 50’s Decade Party participants.

In recognition of the Bernice High School Decade Reunion as part of Louisiana Open House 1990, Lt. Governor Paul Hardy proclaimed Saturday, June 2, as Bernice High School Decade Reunion Day in Louisiana.


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