Cecil Upshaw and Mr. Riser

Written by Gene Barron

While attending Mt. Union School, Cecil Upshaw was punished by Mr. Riser, the principal, with a whipping for something Cecil had done. After the whipping Cecil told Mr. Riser that when he got big enough he’d whip him for giving him that whipping. Years later Cecil was at Arkie Pryor’s station one day, as he usually was, and Mr. Riser drove up. Cecil approached Mr. Riser and reminded him of his threat and proceeded to whip Mr. Riser. Mr. Riser filed a lawsuit against Cecil and won a judgment. Cecil told him if he had known how much it was going to cost him he’d have done a better job of the whipping.


Gene Barron 2 (2)

Gene Barron is a native of Spearsville, Union Parish, Louisiana. He has a genealogy database of 182,000 names, who are all connected to his family.

Gene has also written two historical books on Union Parish. I highly recommend both.





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