Goss House on Highway 2 at Shiloh

During the Christmas holidays a reader contacted me about a house on Highway 2. She explained that the house was owned by a man named Goss and asked if I could give her some information on it. I didn’t know the house she was asking about so I asked my mother. The lady had said the house was similar to the Jesse Fomby house and it so happens he was my grandfather and my mom grew up in that house. My mother thought about it for a couple of days and remembered the house belonged to Dale Goss. In the meantime, my great nephew, Gabriel, was born. That got the whole family excited and to be honest I forgot about Shiloh to Canaan for a few days. Now I can’t find the e-mail. I read the message on my iPad. It is not there. All my e-mails go to my computer also but it is not there. There was a hope it was on WordPress and that didn’t work out either.

So, if any of you know anything about the Dale Goss house on Highway 2 around Shiloh and/or the history of the house please leave a comment. In the meantime, everyone say a prayer that the lady who wrote to me will read this.


One thought on “Goss House on Highway 2 at Shiloh

  1. I found the original e-mail and Heather also got back with me. The house in question was owned by Scott Goss. He is related to Dale Goss but it is not clear how. Skains Road runs along side the property and it is not far from Mt. Tabor.


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