News from Union Gin, Evergreen and Shiloh

Farmerville Gazette, October 12, 1939
Written by Edna Liggin as Uncle Lige

Never have I seed days go by in sech a whizz, a bam, and whirl like they have these last few days with the big sellebration cuming off Friday in Farmerville…It is the talk uf our house…Sis can’t decide wheter to wear a pleated skirt or silk dress, though she ain’t got either, which is worryin’ me…To tuck it all off they say they want sum money to spend over thar thet day…Mas cooks sumpin new to take every day and puts it up…a pie or a cake and shooes the adopshuns and me off’n ’em with a broom. She lows to have the biggest box over thar…Junyer is busy gatherin’ up everything he kin find on the place, wanting to take my turkeys.

Ma says thet Mr. and Mrs.  J. H. Lewis went to the association at Salem, Thursday and had a fine time… lots uf the farmers went to Bernice last Tuesday and cum back muchy richer with sum kind of check. Ma wouldn’t let me see mine enuff to git a good look at hit…Mr. Powell uf Marion gived us a good talk on farm burow stuff while Mister Raymond Albritton said he wuz in the race fer bread and butter and barbecue Friday, being he is secketerry uf the birfday assosiashun…Mr. Powell bought me and sum school kids a soda pop at Albritton store thet afternoon…sum nice man.

The Shiloh church gived Brother Dewey Rockett a pounding Wednesday night and he shore got the things…This Sunday wuz preaching day at Patrick church…The J. D. Reeves wuz up to Jim Reeves Sunday…Thet purty gal named Ida B. Barham has bin trying to git me to cum eat watermelon with her and I think I will go this afternoon if’n I kin slip off frum my irkin’ family…Less and Ruth Wynn and Frances Sue Wynn went to Marion Sunday…Frances Sue and Annette Liggin took in the circus at Bernice Sunday…I hear that Miz Essie Smith and Aunt Mit Smith is bad sick…Rev. and Mrs. Paul Thompson uf El Dorado took supper with Rufus Albritton and wife Thursday evening…lots uf hot biskits and fried ham in the offin.

Junyer Barham won two and one-half dollars at the Bernice Fair. E. S. Liggin got fust prize on his stalk of cotton and the Fomby boys got heaps uf prizes as well as the Albritton girls…I hear the Wilkerson fella on the old Burns place wuz arrested this week fer stealing sum uf Lucien Copeland’s cotton…OH, BOY, I seed Ma go out to the cow pen, now is my chancet  to seal a piece uf thet apple pie she is got set to take to Farmerville…Oh, Boy…Heck, thar go them adopshuns ahead of me…I have the wuss luck.

The Shiloh Sunday School contest has sum uf us hoppin’ seein’ which side has to entertain the other. Here’s sumpin’ Junyer is tellin me…two uf  the home gals in the Bernice beauty contest Tuesday night is Jessie B. Robinson, Maggie Allen, Frances Albritton and Bessie Payne. I don’t know which Junyer is hopin fer.

Ray Mabry won first prize on his watermelon at the fair…I ain’t had much uf a chance to collect news this week since The Gazette  cum fer it took all my time to read that fat paper…”Ma,” I said, “why ain’t they got yore and my marriage license in that lise”…”Fooey”, said Ma, “we got married long after 1844.” “Awk”, said I, then to mayself I mittered thet it seemed so anyway…

So sunbonnett, pleated skirt, lunch basket and fifty cents we air cumin to Farmerville Friday! Meet us thar!!


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