Evergreen, Shiloh, Union Gin News

Farmerville Gazette, December 14, 1938
Written by Edna Liggin as Uncle Lige

Sitting around Albritton’s store, the hub of our three communities, I jedge the chief topics of interest fer the week are tomato plantin’ and hog killin’. Bunch of us farmers killed our hogs this week, and dadburn’ It’s turned warm on us.

Even this hog killin’ has gone modern. They talk of a needle to draw the blood out of hams and pump sugar-curin’ salt in. And I can remember my ma talkin’ about slave days whar they had slaves job up sausage meat with sharp sticks instead we grind it fer sausage. But can’t nuthin’ change the taste of good ole cracklin’ bread, chitlins’ and backbone stew, not to mention spare ribs–umum. Oh Ma, whar’s that castor oil?

Bunch uv us gonna grow tomatoes next year. Malvin Liggin carried several to the tomato meetin’ at Bernice last Tuesday night and danged if they didn’t just about get  ‘nough acres pledged to get the shed. Takes about 150. Looks as if we gonna have two places to choose from to haul our tomatoes to.

Now, let’s see what’s the small talk Uncle Lige knows. Oh yes, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moore of Rayville visited Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Mabry at Shiloh Sunday. Mrs. G. T. Kelley of Dubach visited Mr. and Mrs. Bishop Robinson the same day. Another Dubach lady, Mrs. R. M. Driggers and daughter, Margaret Driggers spent the weekend with Mrs. T. W. Liggin and Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Wynn at Union Gin. Mrs. M. A. Liggin gave a social for her Intermediate Sunday School class Wednesday night and about 15 were there. The ice cream didn’t last long enough. Mr. Grady Shaw and J. W. Lee have been working very hard petitioning household supplies, food and clothing for J. D. Bennett, who was burned out last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Copelen, Miss Marjorie Copelen and Victor Albritton were Monroe visitors Saturday. Uncle Lige is sorry to hear they had a little accident but glad no one was hurt.

Several of our parents report their sons coming in late Saturday night. Must have been actin’ prankish as boys and young animals do for Sunday morn’ a mule goes up the highway with nearly a whole tub tied to his tail.

Shiloh church is planning a Christmas tree December 24, Saturday night. Uncle Lige hopes some of them purty girls up thar gets under a piece of mistletoe. The Shiloh church is also planning to buy some new pulpit chairs. The church is out of debt, the building and all the equipment paid for.

So long Gazette readers. The missus has called me to dry the dishes and there are reasons why I’d better go.

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