ZIP Now In Christmas Mail

The Gazette
December 10, 1964

All major post offices have recently converted their parcel post sorting to the ZIP Code system, reports Postmaster Trellis Black.

This is important to people in all areas of the country, since almost every parcel at one time on its trip goes through these offices. The use of ZIP Codes can save 24 hours or more in the delivery of most parcel post.

“ZIP Codes on parcels means a far less chance of damage because of more direct routing and fewer handling, but the success of the program hinges on public use of the ZIP Code numbers in addressing packages.” he said.

Postmaster Black suggested that even if people do not know the ZIP Code of the address to which their mail is going, they should use the code on return addresses. When cards and packages arrive, the five digit return address codes should be added to Christmas lists for use in the future.

ZIP Coded mail from a smaller post office will generally be sent to the nearest main post office or “sectional center”. From there, it is sent directly to the sectional center nearest the final destination. In most instances, this eliminates at least one further separation of mail.

By way of illustration, Postmaster Black pointed out that a parcel mailed from Farmerville, La. to Elgin, Ill. without ZIP Code must be halted at St. Louis, Mo. for further sorting. From there it is sent to the Chicago, Ill. sectional center and then forwarded to Elgin, Ill.

If the package is ZIP Coded, it will by-pass St. Louis and move directly to Elgin through the Chicago sectional center. This usually saves at least 24 hours.


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