Gibson’s Super Markets

Don’t you wish we had prices like that now? This is a ad from Gibson’s Super Market in Marion. The date is June 3, 1965.


One thought on “Gibson’s Super Markets

  1. Prices are relative to income. In 1965 I was an E-5 with over 8 years military service and my base pay $290 a month, Separate rations were $30 a month Basic Allowance for housing was $105 a month.
    That tofals $425 a month for Housing, food, utilities, transportation and education for a family of 4 soon to be a family of 5. Gas was $.30 a gallon and rising. We got by, not in style, but we got by.

    I do not believe an equivalent E-5 in todays world, a similar E-5 with the same allowances would gross almost $6,000 a month, but his standard of living would not be any better. considering that today must haves are computers, cell phones, cable or satellite TV, and the only fast food franchise around was
    McDonalds , KFC in some areas, If you ate out you went to a diner or a restaurant.


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