Car-Train Crash Fatal to Miss Liggin on Tuesday, July 16

The Gazette
July 25, 1946

Funeral services were held at 4:00 P.M. Wednesday for Miss Nell Liggin, 30, who was killed instantly Tuesday about 8:30 AM in an auto-train collision at a Winnfield railroad crossing, and her sister, Annette, suffered severe shocks and injuries.

Due to a warehouse obstructing view of the track and there being no signal system, Miss Liggin was unaware of the train’s approach. Both girls jumped and while Annette cleared the track, her sister was caught beneath the train.

Services were conducted at the Fellowship church by Rev. Stafford Rogers and Rev. Porter Lazenby, with interment in Fellowship cemetery under the direction of the Kilpatrick Funeral Home.

Pallbearers were Dewitt Barham, Emerson Robinson, J. C. Long, Harris Green, Everett Albritton and R. H. Albritton.

Survivors are her mother, Mrs. T. W. Liggin; three sisters, Mrs. C. C. Cryer, Sr., Maxine Liggin, Pineville, Annette and two brothers, M. A. of Bernice and T-5 E. S. serving in Japan.

Miss Liggin had taught in the Union Gin school for a number of years and was a graduate of the Northwestern State College.

She was well known and well liked as a good citizen and good teacher throughout this section.

-The Bernice News-Journal


***The Bernice News-Journal was a sister publication to the Farmerville Gazette. This article was printed in both.

Newspaper clipping courtesy of Molly Liggin Rankin


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