Optum, Morphine, and Chronic Troubles

The Gazette
July 11, 1894

I am too busy to do so, but for the sake of suffering humanity I have promised to be in Farmerville on the 10th day of July. I take all risk in curing the opium and morphine habit. I do not want one cent until you acknowledge that you are cured. I give treatment only three days, and cause but little pain or inconvenience. I give no medicine of any kind after third day, and will keep you with me several days to assure you that you are free.

Anyone wishing to consult me and do not care for the public to know it can “be treated” for Hemorrhoids or some other chronic trouble.

In event I cannot reach Farmerville by the 10th, I will be represented by Professor A. B. Coleman, who will write me how many have applied, after which I will come at once.

My sanitarium in Minden is always open for patients.

Respectfully yours,

T. J. Tabor, M. D.


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