A Man’s “Don’t” to Women

September 26, 1894

Don’t keep all your sweet smiles for us. We honor you when we see you can bestow them on your own sex.

Don’t look at another woman’s gown as you cross the street in front of a cable car. Some man is sure to risk his life to save yours.

Don’t forget when you go to the theater in “a love of a bonnet”. The man behind probably paid as much as you did for a seat.

Don’t try to have a long waist if you were born with a short one. Men do not admire a laced figure.

Don’t have our skirt come unfastened so your underskirt shows. We do not object to the extravagance of hooks and eyes.

Don’t keep a man waiting half an hour when he calls. He will think you tidy only when on exhibition.

Don’t stand in front of a tired man in the street car when there are empty seats at the other end.

Don’t block a ticket office window by dropping your change when at the head of a long line of impatient travelers.

Don’t forget to keep an appointment to the minute with a business man.

Don’t buy a man’s neckties. It may tempt him to hang himself with your purchase.

Don’t ask a man to mail your letters when it is a part of his nature to forget to do so.

Don’t be playful at meals. Your favorite dog will snap at you while he is gnawing a bone.

Don’t affect masculine attire, cigarettes or slang. Men adore femininity.

Don’t forget a man wants to be considered a man and is not “a sexless replica.”

Don’t talk woman’s rights to the average man.

….Ashton Jackson



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