Union Gin, Shiloh and Evergreen News of the Week

Farmerville Gazette, December 7, 1938
Written by Edna Liggin as Uncle Lige

I see my pert epistle got in the good ole Gazette and it peps up my crooked fingers to send in more. The news aint so good this week. Fust off, J. D. Bennett’s house burned and all his ownings. He was away from home and didn’t get to save a thing. It scared the missus so that during the high wind a few days ago she wouldn’t even build a fire in the stove to iron and I got the dog-awfulest meals!

I had to wear a ruff dried shirt to the tomato meetin’. Oh yes, Bernice is working hard to get enough acres pledged for the R. I. railroad to build a tomato shed there. A meeting was held at Union Gin Friday night to promote interest, here.

I hear Elmer Spencer’s boy cut his leg pretty bad Friday afternoon. The boy lives with Mr. and Mrs. John Lowery at Shiloh. Ain’t heered how he cut it; seems no one knows.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt Barham had company Sunday, Mrs. Carrie Kilpatrick and Ida Barham of Ruston.

Mrs. Bill Bass was a self-appointed alumni to Union Gin school Thursday. As Aline Tanner she once taught the youngsters there, and how they like her. She lives in El Dorado now….Miss Joyce Smith at Shiloh celebrated her (?) birthday recently with a nice party. My! How I used to court and square dance. The two go together like a mule and a plow….Everett Albritton and Dale Goss have decided the swamp is too big to hunt in. They got lost but once they were home again the stew was mighty good….I run across an interesting fact ‘tother day. Mrs. Heny Lowery was born fifty years ago, where she now lives and has lived there all her life!….Pretty good roost. I’d say….I wonder if any Gazette readers can equal or beat that!….Let Uncle Lige and The Gazette know if you can. She lives on the old Shaw place at Evergreen.

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