Union Gin, Shiloh and Evergreen News of Week

Farmerville Gazette, June 22, 1939
Written by Edna Liggin as Uncle Lige

I bin feelin’ sorta queer ever since I took my nap this afternoon and I  bin a -sittin’ at my stool and apple box fer on hour tryin’ to write in my distinktive style but every once in a while Ma who is asleep in a pallet on the floor lets out a snore and slaps in her sleep at a fly. I git to churning all my news in my mind and then it sounds like thunder and as bad as my corn needs it, I jest gotta git up and look at the clouds to see ef it is goin’ to rain. Most uf us can’t wait to let nature take its course about the weather but hafta do sum talkin’ to help it along. So fer the last hour I bin a-helpin’ it try to rain and watchin’ my purty corn grow and the The Gazette ain’t gittin’ this splendiferous  colyum.


Charley Elliott is 64 years old and danged ef he ain’t got the youngest, the most progressive idees uf anybody. He is showin’ us sumpin about farmin’ without cotton….Why Charly has sold onions fer two cents per pound this winter, about $8 wurth uf English peas, made $70 or thereabouts profit on an acre uf potatoes and got cotton chopped and clean as a whistle whar he had the potatoes this year, had a danged good acre uf tomaters and got sum uf the purtiest corn i ever seen. Right now he’s gittin five and six cents per pound fer butterbeans….I ain’t got no idee whut he will sell fore the summer is over….He is only doin’ this stuff on a small scale but he realizes thet farmers have got to do sumptin’ besides raise cotton.


Frum Monroe Sunday cum Larkin, Ruth and Holland and Mary Salley….frum Farmerville cum Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Mabry and family to visit Gene Buckley; from Bernice cum Rev. Allen Buckley to preach Sunday at Shiloh, also Mrs. Allen wuz with him; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson of Bernice visited Sunday in Shiloh; Gladys Adamson has been visitin’ the Reeves families in these parts and Hollen Shirley uf Vicksburg has bin a-visitin’ Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Lee.


The Blacksood Brothers et supper with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lewis Friday night….Ma has bin green with jealousy ever since, devilin’ the life outen me cause I didn’t ask em fust. Shucks….I’m a workin’ man, not a sassiety gentlemun. Then I got left out I hear when Mr. Jesse Fomby had all thet ice cream Satidy night….Thet wuz the night Malvin Liggin et so much fish up at Albritton’s….sum uf the young sassiety folks here attended the dance at Bernice Friday night and it is rumored to Uncle Lige thet several more uf the married ladies wanted to….Buddy Albritton said it wuz shore good….I heerd thet a sartin’ woman who’s celebrated her 25th weddin’ anniversary got fooled right lately and tasted her first beer….Makes me think, Ma! Whut happened to my plum wine I had hid behind all uf them fruit jars in the pantry? Gosh ding it, thet woman is still asleep, goin’ like a big horn in Alcatraz.


Ed Shaver, wife and baby went down to see Mr. Otis and Sue Wynn Sunday….Lawrence Digby is already tellin’ tales how his new son kin hold his milk bottle….lots uf the men went to Bernice Sunday afternoon to the baseball game….the local boys had their’n Sunday morn, and Ma got het up becuz they wouldn’t go to preachin…Allan shore did do well fer his fust sermon in his native community….Ma is groanin’ and rubbin’ her back and wishin’ she had a glass of water, sum thet is fresh….And when I don’t git it she goes and cums out with the last piece uf chicken. Now why in the world didn’t I git thet while she wuz asleep?….Now I probably won’t git nuttin’ but bread en milk fer supper….Folks here are eatin’ fresh green peas and corn….Oh, yes, the girl up at the Seibert’s that calls Mr. Seibert daddy, is Miss Maxine Funk of New Orleans….I hear Mr. Seibert and little Maxine slipped off frum Miss Margie one afternoon but she and annudder lady rode to town just the same with a local married man.

Hohum, Ma, is now fully awake, she wants me to go milk one uf the cows but no ef I kin slip off to my termaters, seems any way I gotta go see how many I will have to ship tomorrow.

Be thar in a minnit, Ma….Now watch me go behind that woodshed….and off!

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