Stolen Horse

The Gazette
June 5, 1895

About ten days ago a stranger came to this place and stopped at one of the hotels of the town for the night. Next morning he went to the livery stable of Mr. J. C. Montgomery and hired a horse, stating at the time that he was going into the neighborhood of Spearsville to look up some land and would return the next day. On the way to Spearsville the stranger met Mr. J. C. Rockett and requested him to inform Mr. Montgomery  that he would not return until the second day. But the stranger has not yet returned, neither has the horse nor has the man ever written when he will return to this town. Mr. Montgomery fearing that the man had his horse for good and for all time employed Mr. Jas. Rabun to go to Spearsville to hunt for the stranger and horse. At that place he was informed that the party passed through Spearsville and stated he was going to Junction City, but he did not visit that town, neither could Mr. R. ascertain his whereabouts. Mr. Montgomery is now of the opinion that he is minus a horse.


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