Eastern Star Lodge

The Gazette
July 31, 1895

A chapter of the Eastern Star Lodge was organized at the Masonic hall Monday night with the following twenty-four charter members: Mrs. S. S. Thomas, Mrs. Florence Thomas, Mrs. Ellen Levi, Mrs. Ida Alcus, Mrs. J. D. Baughman, Mrs. Edmund Haas, Mrs. O. M. Lucas, Mrs. J. D. Everett, Mrs. E. L. Daniel; Misses Louise and Belle Trimble, Carrie Shuster, Sophie Haas, Messrs. L. E. Thomas, J. D. Baughman, Edmund Haas, M. Haas, I. Shuster, O. M. Lucas, Oscar Baughman, Abe and Jake Stein, Aylmer Flenniken and J. D. Everett. Of the above parties sixteen had the degrees of the chapter conferred upon them by L. E. Thomas, special deputy.

The following officers were selected to serve the remainder of this year: L. E. Thomas, Worthy Patron; Mrs. S. S. Thomas, Worthy Matron; Mrs. L. E. Thomas, Associate Matron; Miss Carrie Shuster, Conductress; Mrs. J. D. Baughman, Associate Conductress; M. Haas, Secretary and J. D. Baughman, Treasurer. The appointed officers are: Miss Sophie Hass, as Adah; Mrs. Ida Alcus, as Ruth; Mrs Ellen Levi, as Esther; O. Baughman, Martha; Mrs. Edmund Haas, as Electa; Abe Stein, as Warder, and Isaac Shuster as Sentinel. The regular meetings will be held at the Masonic lodge on the second Friday night of each month.



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