Mr. Green and Miss Parker

The Gazette
August 14, 1895

A Mr. Green and a Miss Parker, who have developed into vigorous young manhood and womanhood among the pine clad hills of the adjoining county of Union, having passed the spring time in cooing and wooing, obtained their consent to glide out into the happy sea of honeymoondom by entering into a commutative contract commonly known as marriage. So, being matrimonially inclined, and finding the laws of Arkansas not fashioned in a manner to encourage marriages, they seated themselves in a wagon and drove southward. Thursday evening found the happy couple in town negotiating for marriage license. The papers being procured and “Barkie still being willing,” Justice Chandler was secured and the nuptial knot was tied, when all was as merry as a marriage bell. The Clerk rejoiced at his additional $2.50; the Justice at his $1.50 and the promise of more and the bridegroom in the possession of his bonny bride. So thus happily closed the nuptial scenes and the bride and groom homeward went with two hearts beating as one.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Green and Miss Parker

  1. Any chance of finding the reason why the Laws of Arkansas were not inclined to encourage matrimony.
    This is strange.

    I am puzzled because a second great aunt, and a 1st cousin thrice removed, both residents of Union Parish, saw fit to buckboard over to Union County, AR to marry (1851 and 1859) respectively.



  2. I have no idea. Maybe they changed the laws because so many people from Union Parish was coming there to get married. I don’t know about now but years ago it was easier to get a divorce in Arkansas.


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