Sam Blum

The Gazette
July 3, 1895

Though the coroner’s jury exonerated Sam Blum for the assassination of Mr. Simon Stein, Judge Richardson after considering the evidence presented at the preliminary hearing, placed him under a $2,000 bond. We have read none of the evidence adduced on the trial, but Blum being placed under bond to await the action of the grand jury of Ouachita parish, indicates that the slayer of Stein was not justified in taking the life of his brother-in-law.

Knowing both parties, we, in common with almost every other man in this community where the assassin and deceased lately lived, are of the opinion that Blum can never excuse himself for his rash act in the eyes of the people who knew Mr. Stein. The deceased was what might be termed an old man, small and weak; not of a quarrelsome or overbearing disposition. It was an easy matter to get along peaceably with him. Blum is a young man, of medium size and even if Stein had hit or attempted to strike him, could have overpowered his assailant.

We cannot censure any man for protecting his sister from the assaults of any one, and even against the attacks of her husband. But the restraint should not be outside the pale of reason. Being a brother-in-law he should have reasoned with Stein, and if not successful in bringing peace to the household, should have used the remedy prescribed by law and had Stein placed under bond to keep the peace.


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