Bill Tisdale Captured

The Gazette
September 25, 1895

Deputy Sheriff’s Taylor, Underwood, Rabun, Baughman, Smith and Hay effected a clever capture early Sunday morning. Last March W. L. Tisdale who was confined in jail for killing Joe Platt, broke jail and has been running at large in this parish ever since. The sheriff and his deputies have made several unsuccessful attempts to bag him, but whenever they thought they had their man his whereabouts would become unknown.

Saturday morning the information was communicated to Sheriff Daniel that Tisdale was on the Buck Baker place just across the river in Ouachita parish. He sent the above crowd of deputies to capture him.

The deputies reached the river Saturday night, left their horses on this side of the stream, procured a skiff and rowed across the river to the Baker plantation. They approached near the dwelling and after surrounding it waited for the rays of the morning sun to light up the premises. As soon as day began to dawn Deputies Taylor and Underwood approached a window that was left up during the night and peered in. Inside the room they saw three men pleasantly rounding off their Sunday morning naps prior to partaking of their coffee. The deputies entered the room and recognized in one bed the man whom they very much wanted, reposing sweetly in the arms of Morpheus. They cocked their guns and with breech to shoulder and muzzle towards Tisdale, Deputy Sheriff Taylor in accents call “Billy! Billy!” When Billy opened his eyes he was startled to find that it was not the voice of one calling him to a hot Sunday breakfast, but the tones of the officers summoning him to the iron cages for which he escaped last March. The prisoner was hand-cuffed and brought to town Sunday evening where he was lodged in jail. His trial will take place at the approaching session of the District court which convenes here the second Monday in October. Of all the prisoners – Tisdale, Carter, Wallace and Cullins – that broke jail last March every one has been captured.


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