Copeland Killed By Wife

The Gazette
June 23, 1933

Mrs. Effie Copeland, aged 35 years, shot and killed her husband, Tom Copeland, aged 69 years, at their home on Joe Johnson’s place, northeast of Rayville, on Friday evening of last week, at 7:15 o’clock. The wife used a single barrel shotgun and and sent a charge of shot into her husband’s head just above the right temple, tearing away a part of the top of his head, killing him instantly.

An inquest was held by Dr. T. M. Sayre, parish coroner, and a verdict was rendered that the deceased came to his death at the hands of his wife and it was recommended that she be held over to await the action of the grand jury.

The woman was arrested and brought to jail, but had three epileptic fits on the way into town, and being found to be seriously ill otherwise, she was turned over to her daughter, Mrs. Ed Stanley, who lives on Allis Silk’s place in the same community, with instructions to keep her mother in custody until the grand jury meets.

It seems the trouble between the man and his wife was prompted by jealousy, the woman claiming her husband wanted to bring another woman into the home. The wife claims Copeland struck her and attempted to secure the gun, but she beat him to it, ran around the house and from the outside fired at her husband, who had remained in the house.


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