Godfrey Assassinated

The Gazette
October 30, 1895

We are informed by Mr. B. F. Post, constable of the Spearsville ward, that about ten o’clock Saturday night some unknown party went to the house of Vulse Godfrey, who lives about two miles from Spearsville and asked if Henry Godfrey, another colored man, was there, stating that he (the unknown party) wished to see him. Henry Godfrey went out to ascertain what was wanted and while passing the corner of the house was fired upon with a shotgun in the hands of the unknown party and was struck in several places about the body with both squirrel and buck shot.

The assassin then left and his identity is still unknown, though the people in the neighborhood of Spearsville are making strong efforts to ascertain who the foul murderer is. We are informed that Godfrey was an unoffensive colored man and no one can surmise who held any enmity against him. He had been living in that community only about three weeks. Up to ten o’clock Monday morning the wounded negro was still living, but we are informed that Dr. J. B. Spears, who is attending him, states that the wounds are necessarily fatal, and the negro cannot survive very long. Such deeds as the above are outrageous and the good people of the Spearsville community should spare no labor to apprehend the foul assassin.


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