Sam Millsaps Murdered

The Gazette
October 30, 1895

Thursday night four white men and one negro went to the home of an old negro man named Sam Millsaps, who lived near Downsville, for the purpose of giving the old negro a severe thrashing. When they reached the house they found the door barred against their entrance and after repeated failures to batter down the door, they located the position of the old negro in the house and fired a load of shot through the wall. The shot struck the negro in the side. After shooting into the house they fled from the place. Dr. Hamilton was called in to attend the negro but his wounds were of such a serious character that he died after lingering in great agony for a day or so. Warrants were sworn out for the assassins, but only one of the murders, (?) King, the colored man, has been arrested. He was picked up by Constable D. L. Hicks, of the Tenth ward, at Choudrant. When arrested a railroad ticket to Haughton was found in his pocket. King is not in jail.


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