Homicide in Union Parish

The Ouachita Telegraph
Wednesday, June 30, 1869

We are pained to record the death of a worthy, peaceable citizen, Mr. Chas. Heard, who died on Wednesday last from a pistol wound at the hands of Mr. Dan’l Lee. Mr. Heard was living on the farm of Capt. Edmunds of the steamer Pioneer, some three miles this side of Shiloh. On last Saturday morning, while Mr. Lee, who is a son-in-law of Capt. Edmunds, was at the farm, a slight quarrel came up about an orphan boy, a grand son of Capt. Edmunds. The parties met once or twice during the day; and finally at a little before sundown, as Mr. Heard was returning from Shiloh with a wagon and in company of the little boy previously mentioned, he met Mr. Lee, near the house of Mr. Harris, when the quarrel was renewed and Mr. Lee drew his pistol and attempted to shoot Mr. Heard in the region of the breast. Mr. Heard grasped the barrel of the pistol and turned it downward. In this effort the pistol was fired and the ball struck Mr. Heard near the lower region of the abdomen. Mr. H. then wrenched the pistol from Mr. Lee and shot him in the the fleshy part of the thigh. The pistol refusing to revolve any more, Mr. Heard inflicted several severe wounds on the face and head, from which it is said he now lies in a precarious situation. Mr. Lee is under arrest and guarded at his own house.


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