Marriage License

The Home Advocate
5 February 1886

During the month of January the District Clerk issued marriage license to the following parties:

  • J. T. Garrett and Miss Victoria Talley
  • Wm. Albritton and Miss Etta Sims
  • Jerry Gray and Miss Martha Ellis
  • James Sims and Miss Cornelia Baker
  • Phillip Burrell Jr. and Mrs. Mariah Griffith
  • Richard Mixon and Miss Lenora Sterling
  • A. J. Henderson and Miss Annie A. Stephens
  • Wm. Bridges and Miss Laura Killgore
  • Abe Thornton and Miss Maria Blackwell
  • Stephen A. Hopkins and Miss Lizzie Davis
  • Reuben Wright and Miss Caroline Smiley
  • Frank Montgomery and Miss Menerva Hill
  • S. M. Foster and Miss Nettie Henry
  • Geo. Washington and Miss Sallie Bridges
  • Wm. J. Alexander and Miss Kizzie D. Campbell
  • Tillman Taunton and Miss Elizabeth Brown
  • Joel Grimes and Miss Emma Goldsby
  • Mathew Goldsby and Miss Fannie Hearn
  • Jno. A. Stancel and Miss Sallie J. Roye
  • Jno. A. Cader and Mrs. Laura Harrison
  • A. S. Copeland and Miss Annie E. Glass
  • Thos. Watters and Miss Mattie Duncan
  • J. A. Strickland and Miss Lena Mullennard
  • J. M. Green and Miss Nettie Moncrief
  • Van. McClellend and Miss Muffy Hogan
  • W. B. Carmichael and Mrs. M. E. Richardson
  • L. T. Manning and Miss M. J. Burton
  • Benton Fields and Miss Eliza Coleman
  • R. L. Murray and Miss M. A. McIntosh

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