STATE OF LOUISIANA vs. Delinquent Tax Debtors – Parish of Union

The Home Advocate
4 June 1886

By virtue of the authority vested in me by the constitution and laws of the State of Louisiana, I will sell at the principal front door of the Court house in Farmerville, parish of Union, State of Louisiana, within the legal hours for judicial sales, beginning at 11 o’clock a.m. on Saturday, 17th day of July 1886, and continuing following Monday and each subsequent day until said sales are completed, all immovable property on which taxes are due to the State of Louisiana, parish of Union, to enforce collections of taxes due on roll of 1885, and previous years, together with interest from the 31st day of December, 1885, and all costs. The names of said delinquent tax payers, the amount of tax due by each on the assessments  and the immovable property assessed to each to be offered for sale, are as follows, to wit.


  • J. N. Boatright
  • Mrs. Jane E. Boatright
  • Estate of Mrs. E. Baker
  • Mrs. Pit Eubanks
  • Abe Fields
  • Thos. F. Gilbert, agt.
  • Louis Golden
  • William Gibson
  • Heirs of Mrs. Laura Hall
  • Mrs. Eloyann Ham
  • Wilson Jones
  • Andrew Jelks
  • Robt. Johnson
  • Polly Minser
  • Heirs of Sidney W. McGough
  • W. T. Phillips
  • Heirs of Saml. Robinson
  • Capt. J. M. Rabun
  • Wm. Smith
  • J. R. Simmons
  • J. R. Shults
  • D. Stein & Co.
  • J. E. Trimble
  • J. G. Trimble
  • Mrs. Belle Trimble
  • Mrs. H. D. Webb
  • Mrs. Ann Williams


  • Heirs of W. A. Bufford
  • Heirs of Henry Funderburk
  • W. P. and Butford Smith
  • Joe Tucker
  • J. R. Tidwell
  • Mrs. S. E. Ward


  • Heirs of Robert Beesley
  • Mrs. M. Coleson
  • W. J. Coston
  • Amos Carter
  • Mrs. Nancy Coker
  • Heirs of E. G. Cashell
  • Goliah Davenport
  • Sampson Davenport
  • Newton Goodger
  • E. W. Guinn agt for Island heirs
  • F. P. Hill
  • A. C. Harrell
  • Heirs of Thomas Harrell
  • J. W. Halley
  • J. J. Halley
  • Jesse Harison
  • C. C. Jackson
  • James Johnson
  • W. D. Morris
  • Lack MeFee
  • C. C. Norman
  • E. R. Parks
  • J. L. Parks
  • Wily Roberson
  • Heirs of J. M. Spier
  • J. P. Striplin
  • Wm. Thomas
  • Eli Williams
  • Lum Williams
  • Green Williams


  • Heirs of Charles Absent
  • Edmond Bluford
  • Albert Cain
  • W. M. Cole
  • Calvin Dickinson
  • John Day
  • Est of Geo. Defee, J. D. Defee admr.
  • T. B. Dawson
  • Wm. Henry
  • Mrs. Emily Hawkins
  • David Hunt
  • Mrs. Julius
  • James C. A. Love
  • Warren Mitchell
  • Wm. Riley, Sr.
  • Estate of John Steele (J. A. Love agent)
  • J. E. Stevenson
  • W. P. Spencer
  • Charles Toler
  • Tylor Trailor
  • W. R. Takewell
  • John Thomas
  • H. T. White
  • Brooks Will, Sr.

Ward 5

  • John Andrews
  • J. S. Bruce
  • Mrs. J. A. Brasher
  • Henry Clark
  • John Canally
  • Mrs. M. A. Clark
  • M. E. Daniel
  • Estate of D. D. Dawkins
  • S. A. Gibson
  • R. A. Gibson
  • Mrs. G. A. Harris, J. L. Tugwell agent
  • Mrs. Amy Kindrick
  • Geo. McGough
  • Mrs. Mariah Purifoy
  • Henry Thomas

Ward 6

  • Mrs. Ellen Beard [should be “Miss Elizabeth Beaird”]
  • G. W. Carroll
  • Noah Ganter
  • Mrs. Eliza Gafford

Ward 7

  • Estate of Mrs. Mary Brazzil
  • Charlie Clark
  • R. B. Everett
  • Mrs. Nancy E. Landers
  • J. F. White

Ward 8

  • Geo. R. Bivins
  • Dr. S. W. Clemands
  • W. L. Crider
  • Mrs. Ann Gulley
  • John H. Hannon
  • Mrs. Mary W. Lee
  • Simon Stein
  • Rufus Williams

Ward 9

  • Benj. Irving
  • Andy Kennedy
  • D. O. Miles
  • F. H. Pardue

Ward 10

  • R. S. Ashcroft
  • G. M. Carter
  • Geo. Emerson
  • A. Polk Gibbs

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