Moonshine Whiskey

The Gazette
January 1, 1896

Last spring a squad of deputy United States Marshals crept into a lonely part of Shiloh ward one night, captured a lot of moonshines and destroyed a liquor distillery that was in full blast. But it appears that this raid of Uncle Sam’s vigilant marshals did not cool the ardor of the enterprising moonshiners in the western portion of our parish as the following which we clip from the Monroe Evening News of recent date goes to show: “Deputy Internal Revenue Collector Calvert and a posse of men went out in the hills of Union Parish last week in search of some manufacturing enterprises which are peculiar to that section of country, and which are operated in violation of Uncle Sam’s internal revenue laws. Their trip was successful to a certain extent, for about six miles west of Shiloh they discovered a fill fledged moonshine distillery in operation. The proprietors of the institution, however, apparently had their suspicions aroused and when the officers arrived at the still the operators had fled. The still, which Mr. Calvert says was the finest he had ever seen, was destroyed by the officers. It was of copper , about 90 gallons capacity , and everything around the places indicated that it had been in charge of expert operators. Five large wash tubs containing about 500 gallons of mash, was also destroyed.


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