Epse Mayo Shot and Killed

The Gazette
June 25, 1913

At about six-thirty Tuesday afternoon a shooting occurred within a block of the court-house which resulted in the death of F. E. Mayo, a local market and meat dealer, of this town, and which was the sequence of a former trouble earlier in the afternoon between the deceased and his slayer, Oscar C. Roye, a young man residing in this town. Information given out was that a few hours prior to the killing both parties had participated in an altercation  or dispute, and that afterwards the participants met at a spot near the market run by Mayo, a discussion ensued, of which the facts connected therewith are partly unknown, and that then the deceased went into his place of business and as he came out with his shot-gun in his hand was shot above the heart by Roye, who remained out in front of the building, drawing his revolver and shooting three times, with the result that one shot took effect above the heart. The deceased expiring within five minutes after he was shot.

Roye was immediately taken in charge of by Sheriff Miller and placed in the parish jail to await further action by the grand jury or by preliminary hearing.


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