The Gazette
February 5, 1896

Buckley Stirling–The bells of Shiloh never pealed forth their chimes to celebrate the marriage of a bonnier bride then they did on Tuesday night, January 28th, when Mr. James Buckley led to the altar Miss Genie Stirling. Although Mr. Buckley stands foremost in the ranks of our staunchest, best young men, still he must be congratulated on his prowess in so successfully carrying away captive the heart of one of Shiloh’s fairest and most winsome girls. Like the daisies on our hilltops, she has grown up and bloomed into young womanhood almost unawares, only to be plucked and born away to brighten, enliven, and make happy the home of the gallant young hero to whom the spoils are by right of conquest.

The many friends of these young people concur in the idea that it is a most substantial “match,” and wish for there all the happiness that usually come to ordinary mortals.

Longfellow glides from the sweet wooing of Minnehaha, by her brave young lover, Hiawatha, and tells us that, “Into every life, some rain must fall; Some days be dark and dreary”.

We can’t expect the sun to shine always for us, but we must be patient and wait for the clouds to roll by, for they all have a silver lining, and behind them the “sun is still shining.”

A Friend
Shiloh, La.
Feb 4, 1896


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