Distressing Accident

The Gazette
April 1, 1896

Last Thursday afternoon a most distressing accident occurred near Farmerville, resulting in the horrible death of Miss Dora Dorman, a young white girl aged about 13 years. While out in the field assisting her brother-in-law, Mr. Dennis Long, in piling up rubbish and brush on a new ground, preparatory to burning it, the trunk of a large dead tree, bared of limbs, fell and struck the unfortunate young girl on the back of the head and fell lengthwise on her prostrate body. Her skull was horribly crushed, her right shoulder and hip was terribly mangled and on leg was broken in two places, the fractured bones protruding through the flesh. Death was instantaneous.

Mr. Long observed the tree as it began to fall and called to his sister-in-law to get out of the way, but she ran just in its path and was struck by it with full force.


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