Good Luck Omens

New York Journal
May 6, 1896

It’s lucky to have a dog follow you.

Never chase a black cat. If you do you’ll drive away luck.

It’s lucky to put on your left shoe first.

A  wart or mole on the left side of you neck is a good omen; it means riches.

It’s lucky to bump against a stranger on the streets. It means that you will unexpectedly hear of good news.

If you would have good luck throughout the day, belie your evil genius by saying the following words immediately after rising in the morning: “Let this be my lucky day; let all my enemies fall.” Say these words quickly.

Write the cabalietic (?) word “Be dooh” (?) on a piece of paper. Then hide the slip in a secret pocket. It is an East Indian word and is said to be the best good luck charm that can be carried.

Cross you fingers in your pocket when you see a cross-eyed person. It will keep you from losing your good luck.

To see a stork is always a sign of good luck. To caress one means great happiness.

To see a shooting star is an especially happy omen. It signifies that good things are in store for you. Fortune will soon be knocking at your door.

To be seated inadvertently between a married couple at the table means that you will be married within a year if you are single.

To find a piece of jewelry is said to be a very lucky omen.

It’s lucky to sneeze in the morning before arising.

Get a check or a sum of money Monday morning and you will have a prosperous week.

To see a funeral in your dreams is a lucky omen.

If you should happen to put on a stocking “wrong side out,” don’t worry. It’s a might good omen.

See the new moon and make a wish. You’ll be sure to get it.

Should you find an unopened letter on the street, make up your mind that you will shortly hear pleasant news.

Avoid ills of the head by writing “Ruihbed” (?) on the crown of your hat.

To drive away rheumatism steal or beg a potato and always keep it with you. This is supposed to be better than the horse ointment superstition.

If your right ear tingles someone is talking good about you, but if it is your left ear, then depend on it that an enemy is at work. To out wit the influence of his evil words bite your little finger. Don’t spare it; every twinge you give your little finger your enemy will feel on his tongue.


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